Condo Insurance in Texas

If you own a condo in the Lone Star State, you need condo insurance coverage to help rebuild or repair your home after a disaster and to replace your personal belongings and valuables in the event of a burglary.

Doesn’t My Condo Association’s Insurance Provide Coverage?

While your HOA is there to cover the repairs for building damages, their policy does not extend to your specific unit or your belongings inside, leaving you vulnerable to losses that aren’t covered. It is crucial that your Texas condo is covered for a variety of potential losses. While your condominium association has their own coverage, it is generally limited to covering the condo building, commonly owned property, and liability insurance for the condominium association itself. Texas state law and the articles of the condominium association determine what is covered under your association's master insurance policy.

Why Do I Need Condo Insurance?

Unfortunately, your Texas condo association’s insurance coverage leaves many situations where their insurance policy won't cover you or your possessions. If your condo is broken into, suffers water damage to walls or floors, or someone injures themselves by slipping or falling in your condo, you need condominium insurance designed specifically to cover those situations. A condo policy from The Gray Group Insurance Brokerage will also help protect the interior of your unit, and provide protection against property damage to others.

What Does A Condo Policy Cover?

In addition to replacing your personal possessions resulting from a burglary, and repairing them if damaged, your Texas condo insurance will also:

  • Help pay for repairs caused by a fire, water damage from a burst pipe, or any other physical disaster damage the interior of your condo suffers as a result
  • Cover medical bills (up to your policy’s limit) in the event that a guest slips, falls or is injured in your condo, and will help pay legal fees if the injured party decides to sue.
  • Help cover additional living expenses, such as hotel bills and meals, if a covered incident like a fire or hurricane forces you to relocate temporarily.

Protect Your Home With Condo Insurance

For more information about how to protect your condo and belongings from damage and loss, and to bridge the gaps where your association's coverage stops, call The Gray Group Insurance Brokerage, or stop by our office today for a quote.