Renters Insurance in Texas

If you live in Texas and you rent your home or apartment, then you should consider renters insurance. In fact, many property management companies in Texas require their renters to carry renters insurance, so if you need coverage you need to give us a call at The Gary Group Insurance Brokerage.

Why do You Need Renters Insurance in Texas?

As mentioned many property owners require renters insurance. This isn't because they are concerned about the loss of your possessions. Instead, it is due to the fact that renters insurance includes liability insurance which covers the loss of the home or structure if the fault is yours.

Another reason you need renters insurance is to cover your personal property. If there is a fire or some other damage and all of your possessions are lost, without renters insurance, you will have no recourse when it comes to recouping the loss.

The liability portion of renters insurance will also cover you when you are away from home. That means if you are responsible for injury to another person or their property, your renter's insurance will cover the bills associated with the injury.

What You Need to Know About Renters Insurance

There are two types of renters insurance that you can purchase in McKinney, TX. The first is called HO-4. This follows the national standard and provides coverage for included perils for your personal property as well as liability coverage.

The second type of insurance is called HO-BT. This is only available in Texas. It is very much like HO-4, but its coverage does differ in some respects.

When selecting renters insurance it is best to work with a professional that can explain the coverage to you and help you determine what is best for your personal situation. That's what we do at The Gray Group Insurance Brokerage.

If you have questions, give us a call today or stop by for information and a quote. Our team of professionals is here to help and we look forward to hearing from you.