RV Insurance in Texas

For many people who own an RV, knowing what kind of insurance to purchase is important. In Texas, you do not want either home or auto insurance for your RV. That is because your RV has needs for both and just one of those types of insurance will not accurately protect you. Whether you use your RV for leisurely day trips or are driving it across the country, it is imperative that you take the right safety precautions, including having a great RV insurance policy. At The Gray Group Insurance Brokerage serving all of Texas, we want to help you make the right decision.

Types of Coverage You Want in a Texas RV Insurance Policy

There are many different components of RV insurance but there are some that you definitely want to have as coverage while others can be optional. Depending on whether you drive or tow your RV, you may be looking at a different policy but the types of coverage remain to be very similar. Some of the types of coverage you want to have include:

  • Total Loss Replacement: If your RV is totaled within a specific amount of time, this coverage will help you get in a new, comparable RV at no cost to you.
  • Vacation Liability: This coverage will provide bodily injury and property damage liability no matter where you have your RV parked.
  • Replacement Costs Personal Effects: Pays for personal item replacement for any items lost in a covered loss.
  • Special Windshield Deductible: Helps pay for windshield replacement and repair, which can be very costly for an RV.

If you own and RV and are looking for a great RV insurance policy, be sure to stop in or call us today at The Gray Group Insurance Brokerage. We can get you a free quote and also examine you current policy to make sure you do not have any gaps in coverage.