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If you live in Texas and have someone in your life that depends on you for financial support, then there is a good chance you need to consider life insurance. No one likes to think that something might happen to them, but unfortunately, it can. We at The Gray Group Insurance Brokerage can help you determine the right coverage for you.

Types of Life Insurance in Texas

There are several types of life insurance you can select from in the state of Texas. This include:

  • Term Insurance – There are two types of term insurance, annual renewable term and level term. The annual renewable adjusts your premium on a yearly basis depending on your age at the time. Level term insurance charges you the same premium over the life of the policy, usually between ten and thirty years. These policies typically end at age seventy or eighty.
  • Permanent Life Insurance – It is called permanent because your coverage lasts for your entire life regardless of how old you are. This type of policy also has what is known as a cash value. Depending on the policy, this cash value can be withdrawn to use as collateral or to make payments on the policy.
  • Universal Life – This policy type allows you to decide the right monthly payment, the right coverage, and how much cash value you would like to accumulate over the course of the policy.

Our team of insurance professionals can walk you through your life insurance options. No two people are exactly the same which means their needs are not the same as well. That's why we take the time to really listen before we present your options.

Give us a call or drop by the office today, so tomorrow you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are taken care of.